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Under Construction
Sea Brim Condo Info

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An information resource for the residents and owners of Sea Brim Condominiums,  Bremerton WA
This site is NOT connected in any way with Sea Brim Condominiums, the Condo board, or the Property Management company.  This site is maintained by a resident.  All info herein is unofficial, for informational purposes only, and provided without any warranty.    See full disclaimer.  You're on your own, folks!! 

Under Construction
  Condo Living  
  Parking, Garbage, Mailbox, Utilities, etc  
  Feeding the Bears (with our without wings)  
  Maintenance Items - Water heaters, Fire Alarms  
  Local Ammenities - Bremerton, Kitsap & Olympic Peninsulas, Seattle Area   
   Get us started.  Send me your questions, suggestions, experiences, at Sea Brim.  Don't take it personally if you don't get a reply.  I'm not slow, I'm not fast, I'm half......  If you know any history of the place, tell us that too......Be nice now.  You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.....Of course, who wants a bunch of flies?????!!!!  
































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